Wine Clubs


Make the most of the growth of wine clubs and subscription services with spatially efficient bottles that arrive without damage

No broken glass on delivery
Lower delivery costs
Different multi-pack sizes
  • Our bottles were designed to facilitate seamless single bottle delivery into consumer homes through the letterbox, complementing other subscription services that are moving towards letterbox delivery.
  • Flat shape is 40% more spatially efficient than round bottles of the same volume, allowing more to be packed into delivery boxes and subsequently reducing delivery costs.
  • In addition to our 10 flat bottle case, we're developing a range of secondary packaging multi-packs to carry different amounts of bottles, giving the option to consumers to vary delivery quantities.
  • Durable material (PCR-PET) removed the risk of broken glass and spilled wine, often a key complaint from wine club customers.
  • All components can be easily and widely recycled, making it easy for consumers to recycle.
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