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Novel, slimline bottle designs for letterbox wine deliveries into UK homes

Letterbox Wine® is the term that, since the end of 2016 and the launch of Garçon Wines, has come to be used to describe wine that can be delivered seamlessly into a building, through a letterbox, in a flat wine bottle. It was invented by Joe Revell and Santiago Navarro. These two London-based entrepreneurs teamed up to find a way to deliver wine into homes when nobody was there to take delivery. Joe had previously joined a wine club and had become frustrated because he was missing deliveries that turned up when he was out. Santiago had previously run an online wine store and saw first-hand how often deliveries failed or how rarely younger consumers living in city centres ordered.


The status quo was no longer fit for a 21st century world

Round glass bottles were not an option as they’re the wrong shape, size and they shatter easily. Bag-in-box, cartons or other boxed wines were not an option either, since Santiago felt they would limit the opportunity to grow the business as few people found them appealing. So, nothing was suitable from available packaging that would do the job.

Santiago and Joe set about trying to come up with their own wine packaging, something that would be beautiful, functional and sustainable. After many months of thinking and brainstorming, they had a eureka moment - take a round, glass bottle, make it flat so it would fit through a letterbox and produce it in a lightweight, durable material so that it could be sent by post and it would survive the postal network and letterbox delivery. The invention was born.

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Introducing Letterbox Wine® to the world

In the Autumn of 2016, Santiago secured a position for their letterbox wine invention on a TV show being produced by CNBC International and backed by Alibaba, and Joe stepped in to compete in Pop Up Start Up. The innovation was so compelling that the idea won the show and a prize. More importantly, flat wine bottle prototypes were produced and these allowed the world to see letterbox wine in action.

The term ‘letterbox wine’ was first used in the media by Miriam Habtesellasie of Woman Magazine on 10th May 2017, in an article she wrote about Garçon Wines titled: “OMG! Someone has just invented letterbox wine!” However, the use by the media of the words ‘letterbox’ and ‘wine’ to describe a bottle designed to fit through a letterboxdates back to 22nd December 2016 when Jenny Eagle, writing in Beverage Daily, wrote about the launch of Garçon Wines in an article titled: “Entrepreneur creates wine bottle that fits through a letterbox


Registered Trademarks for Letterbox Wine®

In September 2018, Delivering Happiness Limited, the company behind Garçon Wines, filed for the trade marks for the word marks 'letterbox wine®' and associated words, terms which had become synonymous with their invention. In December of the same year, these word marks were registered in the UK under trade mark number UK00003339234.

Nowadays, Garçon Wines grants to the stockists of their products a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence under intellectual property laws to use the letterbox wine® trade marks to promote and sell the products. These trade marks serve as a guarantee of authenticity and quality that the products offered are the original Garçon Wines letterbox wine®.


Multi award-winning

Journalists and influencers have had lots of positive things to say

“...solved the problem of missed deliveries”
- Courtney Goldsmith, City A.M.
“...this is genius...”
- Matthew Rhys, The Wine Show
“This is a game changer”
- Lizzie edmonds, Evening Standard
“…flat wine bottles of wine that can be posted through your letterbox… I love it… Well done to whoever thought of that”
“The humble wine bottle has been through various iterations since it was first developed in 3,000 BC – but none rival a new design for sheer 21st Century convenience.”
“Why hasn't someone invented this sooner?”

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