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When flat, recycled PET bottles are better

We're a multinational business-to-business company, based in central London. We partner with a diverse range of businesses, across a wide range of industries, in a growing number of countries, who make great wines available to the broadest possible customer base. These business partners of ours supply consumers with carefully selected wines in our distinctive, eco, flat bottles.

Read on to explore how our eye-catching bottles, with their market-beating advantages, can best serve your business and contribute towards your sustainability goals.


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A Unique Gift

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Wine Clubs

Cost-Effective Frequent Deliveries

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Food Delivery

Easy To Fit And Deliver

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Events & Hospitality

No Hazards From Glass

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Safe And Easy to Ship

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Letterbox Wine®

Seamless In-Home Delivery

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Global Travel Retail

Ultimate Traveller Convenience

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Onboard Consumption

Unbeatable Space Savings

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In-Store Retail

Unbeatable Visual Merchandising

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