Wealthier Industry

Triple bottom Line Sustainability

Our innovative packaging solutions cut costs across the entire wine supply chain, making more money for wine businesses and assisting the whole of the industry to do better, financially

10 flat bottle case
Wealthier Industry

Reducing business costs

Using our bottles and 10 flat bottle case results in lower costs in warehouse handling & storage because 2.3 times more wine can be stored in the same area.

Based on an example consignment of 50,000 units packed in our 10 flat bottle cases, logistics costs are slashed by 60% through reducing the number of HGVs required to transport the same volume of product from 5 to 2.

PET bottles also require significantly less energy to produce and therefore at scale, are considerably more cost effective to produce than glass.

Wealthier Industry

Increasing market accessibility

Garçon Wines’ sustainable packaging alleviates the financial constraints of exporting for many of the one million wine producers who cannot afford to distribute internationally because of the expense of transporting spatially inefficient, heavy, round, glass bottles.

Increased distribution from fitting 2.3 times more wine on a pallet and savings in packaging costs enables greater market accessibility for these smaller producers, contributing to the wealth of the global industry.

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Wealthier Industry

Safeguarding industry prosperity

Mitigating against climate change, which is damaging vines and terroirs across the globe, helps to safeguard the prosperity of an industry where producers rely on specific geographic areas or appellations for their livelihoods.

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