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Innovating towards a more environmentally-sustainable future

We've redesigned wine packaging to have a substantially lower carbon footprint, using pre-existing plastic in a smart way to help clean up the mess from plastic pollution.

Climate Crisis

We're helping slash the industry's carbon footprint to mitigate against a climate catastrophe

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Resource Scarcity

We believe in using the right plastics responsibly, and so have made a bottle 100% out of pre-existing plastic

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Plastic Pollution

We're mitigating against plastic from
ending up as waste in landfill, or litter in the environment

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Few industries are as affected by climate change as the wine industry.

Round, glass wine bottles are heavy and spatially inefficient, contributing to a grotesque carbon footprint as they move around the supply chain.

By innovating in shape and material, our eco wine bottle is 40% spatially smaller and 87% lighter than a round glass bottle of the same volume. Ultimately, using the right materials responsibly can actually drive the biggest change when it comes to climate change.

“The association of a heavy bottle with quality is absurd... In fact, the environmental cost of heavy bottles, from their production to the carbon cost of shipping them, is high.”
— ERIC ASIMOV, The New York Times

Saving energy throughout the supply chain

  • Producing a bottle from PET requires 8.4x less energy than producing the same container in glass. Ours are produced in a factory with 7000 solar panels producing 1GW/h energy per year.
  • A glass bottle would have to be reused 20 times before it matches the energy used to recycle a PET bottle once.

Lowering the carbon footprint

  • At 87% lighter than the average glass bottle, each rPET bottle reduces carbon emissions by 500g across the supply chain.
  • A bottle that fits through an average UK letterbox mitigates against the 900,000kg of CO₂ emissions released annually due to missed deliveries.
  • Our 10 flat bottle case allows 2.3 times more wine to fit on a pallet. This more than halves the number of HGVs on the road from 5 to 2, based on a consignment of 50,000 bottles. Given that an average HGV emits 1.5kg of CO₂/km, reducing by 3 HGVs would therefore drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 60%.

Putting pre-existing plastic back to good use

Virgin plastics are made by extracting below-ground carbons such as fossil fuels. These natural stocks have taken millions of years to build up and we are using them up at an unsustainable rate. That's why we use pre-exciting plastic in our 100% recycled bottles as it means we don't require any below ground fossil fuels to create the PET we use to make our bottles. This way we help to keep as much of this finite natural resource below ground as possible.

Using post-consumer recycled plastic also creates a value for plastic already in circulation which could otherwise have ended up as litter in our environment or waste in landfill.

“We're impressed with this totally recycled (and recyclable) wine company, pouring a glass with some serious waste-free class”


We believe 100% post-consumer recycled PET is the most environmentally friendly material for now, but we're always looking out for the materials of the future which will make even more environmental sense.


Plastic-smart not plastic-free

While our bottles are used once before being recycled, they are not 'single-use' plastic. We've taken special care to think about the entirety of our products' lifespan to help reduce plastic waste.

“The problem is not plastic itself. The problem is using it irresponsibly. The solution is not to ban plastic, but to ensure that it is used responsibly and recycled properly.”

Encouraging responsible consumer behaviour

We ensure there's clear recycling messaging on our bottles and boxes so consumers know where the material has come from and how to responsibly dispose of it. For bottles sold in the UK gifting market, a weblink directs consumers to enter their postcode to check local kerbside recycling.


Recyclability by design

Did you know that the collar of a standard aluminium screw cap inhibits the recycling process? Using plastic labels and screw caps means our product is fully and easily recycled without consumers having to separate components. It's also widely recycled by 99% of councils in the UK.


Closing the loop to become circular

Together with our manufacturers RPC M&H Plastics, the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London and other environmental institutions, we're working on a way of intercepting our bottles to become a fully circular business.

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