At Garçon Wines, what makes us special is that we simply love what we do. We love wine and we love our bottles, and we relish any opportunity to help others take advantage of our game-changing, design-protected, product in order to transform their business.

We’re always on the lookout for new partners with great ideas who are excited by our innovative approach to bottles both pleasing to the eye and perfect for their purpose. Explore below to see how our eye-catching bottles with their market-beating advantages can best serve your industry.



From large established groups who make the wine that we all love, to online retailers and clubs who deliver it into homes, our bottles allow them to share quality wines with a much broader customer base than ever before.



Flat, strong PCR-PET bottles support e-commerce growth through being efficient and cost effective for online ordering/home delivery and their durability eliminates the risk of broken glass or spilled wine during transit. In-store, our bottles are more spatially efficient, ideal for smaller stores with limited storage and allowing more capacity for other products. The reduced weight also makes them a convenient choice for on-foot shoppers in urban areas.


Both corporate and consumer gifting companies have embraced letterbox delivery benefits of our bottles with gusto. Letterbox Wine® is currently available on a number of UK gifting sites, with more due to launch in the near future, and has proved popular as a corporate gift.


Festivals & Events:

In indoor or outdoor bars where space is limited and serving glass is hazardous, our bottles are the perfect solution; they maximise the amount of wine that can be stored in fridges, reduce the amount of restocking required behind bars and are 100% recyclable, helping to ensure zero waste to landfill.


When offering wine on airplanes, ships and trains, space and weight is at a premium and even minor reductions can make a difference. We're talking with flag carriers as well as drinks stockists and catering groups serving airports, ports and railway operators


“Their product is truly revolutionising the wine industry and offering customers something that hasn't been seen before; delicious wine, delivered through their letterbox in an environmentally friendly way.
The team are all really enthusiastic and committed to delivering a first class product.”

Olivia Harvey, E-Commerce Manager

Bloom & Wild



Bordeaux No Label.jpg

Our distinctive bottles are being considered by a growing range of global wineries, wine brands, wholesalers, clubs and packaging companies who have access to their own great wines. Our bottles are transforming their plans to reach customers sustainably. They allow the supply of quality wines in eco-friendly packaging through more efficient logistics and reduced carbon emissions, helping to reach a broader customer base than ever before.

We’re looking to develop new partnerships, supplying empty bottles to:

·      winemakers and wineries

·      wine brand owners

·      wine wholesalers

·      wine clubs

·      bottling and packaging companies

Whether you’re a large established group making the wine that we all love or an online wine club delivering directly to consumers, please get in touch today if you’d like your brand to be available in our bottles.




We love wine – and we offer our own bottles filled with a selection of great wines to a growing list of wholesalers and clubs. We’re forming close working partnerships with a diverse range of companies who make great wines available to the broadest possible customer base, supplying them with wines that we have carefully selected, in our distinctive bottles. We can work with:

·      wine and drinks wholesalers

·      online wine retailers and clubs

·      corporate and consumer gifting companies

·      drinks stockists and catering groups serving airports, ports and railway operators




If you work in the wine, spirits, drinks, gifting, retailing, packaging or any other industry and anywhere in the world, and you’d like to collaborate with us, please get in touch today – we’re just an email or phone call away. We’ll be happy to hear from you – when you see our bottles you’ll love them!

Contact us today by emailing Amelia ( or by calling us on +44 (0)330 2234 123