Facilitating single wine bottle deliveries for the Amazon generation

Perfectly designed with ecommerce in mind, the pack provides protection for single wine bottles through the postal system

Letterbox wine®

Fits through an average UK letterbox

Enhances convenience for consumers, allowing wine to be delivered seamlessly into the home without needing to wait in for delivery. In-home delivery is also more eco-friendly, helping to mitigate against the 900,000 kg of extra carbon emissions released each year due to missed deliveries.

Amazon FFP CertifiED

Probably the first wine bottle and pack to achieve frustration-free packaging certification

For wine bottles this is revolutionary as it gives online wine sales the chance to compete with other grocery and FMCG products which are hugely outperforming wine ecommerce. FFP secondary packaging must be easy to open and be made of materials that are 100% recyclable whilst also ensuring the goods arrive with the consumer in perfect condition.

Resource efficiency

Minimal packaging

The strong and slimline case is engineered to withstand the postal system and provide protection for the durable bottle inside, eliminating risk of damage to the product or spilt wine but without use of excessive materials for protective packaging.

Responsibly Sourced

Made from 100% sustainably sourced cardboard

Our commitment to creating the "greenest" wine bottle ever expands to secondary packaging and sourcing the outer box material from recycled streams and well-managed forests ensures our forests are alive for generations to come.


100% recyclable

We're helping to reduce the need for virgin materials as well as reducing waste ending up in landfill or littering the environment.

Letterbox Deliveries
Single Unit Postal Pack

Used for our signature Letterbox Wine®, this Amazon certified frustration-free outer postal pack is perfectly designed for e-commerce, providing protection for single wine bottles through the postal system.

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Multi-bottle Deliveries
10 Flat Bottle Transit Case

With a goal of significant advancement in wine logistics, packaging and sustainability, Garçon Wines have created a game-changing case for multi-bottle transit and delivery.

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