Advancing the wine bottle into the 21st century

A better, more sustainable bottle that has a lower carbon footprint, slashes supply chain costs and offers ultimate consumer convenience.

“The humble wine bottle has been through various iterations since it was first developed in 3,000 BC – but none rival a new design for sheer 21st century convenience.”
Flat wine bottle front and profile view
Shape innovation

Hard-to-beat space savings that cut costs in transport and lower carbon footprint

Best-in-class material

Recycled, lightweight and food-grade PET, saving weight and energy

Recyclable by design

Easily, fully and widely recyclable after use to help mitigate waste

The existing carbon footprint of wine is unsustainable... No single action would make more difference in the wine world than the swift adoption of bottles like this for every wine designed to be drunk on purchase (most wine, in other words)

Shape Innovation

By challenging the base assumption that wine bottles should be round, we're unlocking game-changing space savings that have a tangible, positive impact on the transportation, retailing and storage of wine in multiple business settings and consumers' homes

Bordeaux shoulders on a flat wine bottle
Hey Good Looking

Modern, emotive, traditional

Beautiful bottle design inspired by traditional shapes to respect industry heritage and still look like the shapes consumers know and love.
“...the most striking of the recent innovations in this [wine] sector…”

Full-size wine bottle

Packed with presence, containing the standard volume of wine that consumers expect.

“I love the aesthetics of the bottle, its stackability, its low carbon footprint and its practicality…”
Flat wine bottle at an angle
Multiple flat wine bottles, side view

Fit more wine in the same space

With up to 91% more wine on a pallet in transport and warehousing, hard-to-beat space savings cut your business costs and carbon emissions in the supply chain, while your consumers will love fitting more wine in their fridge.

WHY flat IS more sustainable

Ideal for visual merchandising

Your consumers won’t miss a thing in-store or online with the eye-catching shape and unique, larger label surface for messaging, which ultimately drives sales.

“When it comes to the world of wine, the future is flat”
Garçon Wines Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Rosé
Multiple flat wine bottles, side view

Superior stability

A low centre of gravity, prominent lip and 5.5 degree tip angle allows even an empty bottle to remain stable if the surface the bottle is standing on is knocked. The tip angle is the same as the Leaning Tower of Pisa - which is still standing.

“...this is a product that feels like the future. It is a really smart design...”
— National Recycling Awards Judging Panel 2019

Best-in-class Material

Our material choice offers best-in-class sustainability for how wine bottles are transported around the globe in the 21st century, without compromising on the health of mother nature or the quality of your wines inside

100% recycled PET

Plastic smart, not single-use plastic

Made from strong, pre-existing PET that's more energy-efficient than glass and has a lower carbon footprint, plus it puts material already in circulation back to good use to limit the amount of new plastic created.

"A real gem in the circular economy transition!"
Garçon Wines Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Rosé
bottle lying flat
Lightweight material

87% lighter

At 63g, our lightweight bottles significantly reduce carbon footprint and result in direct financial savings throughout the supply chain.

“Flat wine bottles are environmentally smart, look slick as hell”

No impact on wine quality

PET is a stable, inert material that does not react with food or beverages, has no impact on taste and is BPA-free. To prove it, the material we use is certified food-grade to USA and EU standards, making it good enough to eat. Almost.

Garçon Wines Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Rosé
Garçon Wines Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Rosé

More than a year's shelf life

Advanced barrier technology suitable for everyday drinking wines that will keep your wines in quality condition for longer than it takes consumers to purchase and drink them.

Recyclability by Design

Making clever choices in the design process to ensure our bottles are fully, easily and widely recyclable, helping mitigate waste

100% Recyclable

Easily, fully and widely recyclable after use

PET is the most widely recycled plastic on the planet. Specially selected plastic caps and labels ensure our bottles are a dream for both consumers and recycling facilities as all components pass through the same recycling stream. This helps mitigate waste and litter to ensure they're kind on the planet.

HOW WE're Tackling plastic pollution
Garçon Wines bottle caps
“We’re impressed with this totally recycled (and recyclable) wine company, pouring a glass with some serious waste-free class.”
Green flat wine bottle
Salmon flat wine bottle
Amber flat wine bottle

Different colours for different wines

Elegant, consumer-pleasing and recognisable wine bottle colours to hide the cloudiness of 100% recycled PET, but won’t impact recycling.

“Its genius is in its simplicity, but yet within that simplicity are solutions to complex design and engineering, clever messaging, safe distribution, and environmental responsibility.”
HOW We can support your growth

Groundbreaking bottles form part of a ready-to-activate, complete solution for your company

From flat wine bottle production right through to bottling, cases and retailing, we offer multiple, complete solutions through collaborations with world-class industry leaders, all rooted in our eco, flat wine bottles

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Make the wine bottle your competitive advantage

Multi award-winning, eco, flat bottles – flat designs of the traditional shapes to save space and made from pre-existing, recycled PET, not single-use plastic, to save energy & weight.

Our lightweight, spatially-efficient bottles significantly slash environmental and financial costs – carbon emissions and logistics costs. This will become top priority for you and consumers.

Credit: Pietrovini

Producing our bottles is in the hands of market leaders

Our multi award-winning wine bottles are produced in the UK by market leader Berry M&H (pictured), part of Fortune 500 plastics packaging giant Berry Global.

Credit: Berry M&H

Choose from your wines or our carefully selected ones

We can offer you a carefully curated selection of wines from skilled and trusted winemakers. This is a solution for businesses that prefer to purchase a complete product.

Alternatively, for companies wanting to offer their own wines in a more sustainable way, in our eco, flat bottles, we can take receipt of bottle-ready wines for bottling.


The brand and messaging are important to consumers

The flat panels of our bottles, on both the front and back, allow for a uniquely larger, flat, surface for labels which promotes clearer communication of the brand to consumers.

You can choose if to use your brand or to use one of ours. We could even create a brand for you. Importantly, the brand will be seen clearly capturing shoppers' attention and driving sales.


A complete solution that offers quality, speed and scale

A bespoke bottling line for our flat wine bottles is installed at The Park, a multi award-winning and state-of-the-art drinks manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facility in Bristol, UK.

The line allows us to fill your wines at scale and enables you to further leverage the sustainability benefits of a facility part powered by its own wind turbine on-site.

Credit: Accolade Wines

Synergistic benefits when packed

Our flat bottles pack like books slashing the space required to store or move them. They're also feather-light compared to glass bottles and do not shatter.

Thanks to these benefits, corrugated packaging giants DS Smith have been able to work magic with a range of cases, from 1 to 12 bottles, for all sorts of applications - designed exclusively for our bottles.

Explore our COMPLementary SECONDARY Packaging

Innovating in the primary packaging has enabled us to create game-changing secondary packaging; packs and cases

More spatially-efficient, lightweight bottles unlock game-changing boxes for eco-friendly, cost-effective, safe deliveries, designed exclusively to work with our flat format

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Does your business have a project that could benefit from our game-changing flat bottles?

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