Wine bottles had changed very little in the last two centuries and they required a timely upgrade for the 21st century

Here’s how we're advancing wine bottles into the 21st century; for a world experiencing climate crisis, environmental damage, changing consumers, complex supply chains, and more

“I love the aesthetics of the bottle, its stackability, its low carbon footprint and its practicality…”
Bordeaux shoulders on a flat wine bottle

Modern, emotive, traditional

Strong shoulders and the same proportions that conform to the Bordeaux bottle design, the most popular wine bottle shape and one that consumers know and like, respects the heritage and tradition of the wine industry.

Our bottles look beautiful and could be proudly placed on any dining table. They also look like a wine bottle when viewed head on in a retail setting, ensuring connectivity and purchases.


Full-size wine bottle

Although just 2cms taller and a slim 4cms deep, our bottles still hold the standard 75cl volume as a regular, round, glass bottle. This allows consumers to enjoy the same amount of wine that they're used to.

Also, as our bottles are slightly taller than an average bottle, this gives them distinction on the dining table and enables greater merchandising presence in a retail setting, increasing visibility and driving sales.

Bordeaux shoulders on a flat wine bottle

40% spatially smaller

Challenging the base assumption that a wine bottle should be round has enabled us to create a bottle that is 40% spatially smaller, as compared to an average 6 bottle case, offering many space-saving benefits.

Considerably more of our bottles fit on a pallet – more than twice the usual amount – which increases the efficiency of wine transportation to slash carbon emissions and costs across the supply chain.

Flat bottles are stackable, like books, also saving space in a retail setting, in consumers' homes, and in places where space is at a premium, like a confined airplane cabin.

WHY flat IS more sustainable
“The humble wine bottle has been through various iterations since it was first developed in 3,000 BC – but none rival a new design for sheer 21st century convenience.”
Lightweight material

87% lighter

At 63g, our bottle weighs 87% less than an average glass wine bottle, saving weight across the supply chain which results in direct environmental and financial savings.

Extrapolating figures from a wine bottle lightweighting study in the UK, our bottles could save more than 500g of CO2 per bottle across the supply chain, whilst also cutting costs.

Most importantly, these weight and space savings would slash the carbon footprint of the wine industry allowing consumers to truly drink to the health of our planet.

Bordeaux shoulders on a flat wine bottle

Ideal for visual merchandising

The flat panels of our bottles, on both the front and back, allow for a uniquely larger, flat, surface for labels which promotes clearer communication of the brand to consumers.

This additional benefit in visual merchandising, which is unique to our wine bottles, captures shoppers' attention and drives sales.


Plastic smart, not single-use plastic

Our eco, flat wine bottles are made of pre-existing plastic, 100% post-consumer recycled PET, not single-use plastic. This ensures we're part of the solution, creating a value for plastic already in circulation, and helping mitigate against it ending up as litter in our environment or waste in landfill.

PET is the most commonly used plastic for water and soft drinks bottles. It's also the most easily and widely recyclable plastic after use. 99% of all UK local authorities offer collection facilities for PET recycling and countries like Norway do even better.

Our recycled PET is of EU and USA food-grade standard, has no impact on taste, is BPA-free, is durable, it feels like quality and looks like glass, and eliminates breakages and spilled wine. It's the right material for scalable sustainability.

100% Recyclable AFTER

Easily, fully and widely recyclable after use

A product is much easier to recycle, and it's much more likely to get recycled, if all its components can pass through the same recycling stream. Consumers should not be expected to deconstruct a product and they should be able to send a product easily and widely for recycling. This is why we use a plastic screw cap and plastic labels.

In addition, there are no complications associated with the collar from a standard aluminium screw cap or a paper-based label which makes it harder to sort and recycle, risking the product is sent to landfill. Our eco, flat bottles are easily, fully and widely recyclable after use; they're designed with proper recycling clearly in mind.

HOW WE're Tackling plastic pollution
“We’re impressed with this totally recycled (and recyclable) wine company, pouring a glass with some serious waste-free class.”
Barrier Technology

More than a year's shelf life

Our eco, flat wine bottles include a special active oxygen scavenging and passive CO2 barrier technology to give them a longer shelf life than PET alone. We do this so that the wine retains full quality for more than a year in our bottles.

The vast majority of wines are produced, bottled and consumed within a year. Most wines operate to the same time-frame as the yearly vintage, making our eco, flat bottles suitable for the majority of wines.

Therefore, you can utilise our bottles, confident that we’ve provided excellent protection for the great wine inside.


Different colours for different wines

Our eco, flat wine bottles are presently available in olive green, pale pink, and amber, colours which consumers connect to the wines they know and like.

We colour our bottles to hide any discolourations from using 100% recycled PET. Using pre-existing material is the right thing to do and colouring the bottles is our consumer pleasing solution.

The colours increase the elegance of the bottles and provide a branding opportunity for some businesses. Other colours are available on request, subject to volumes and lead times.


Available with or without wine

We can offer our own-branded, eco, flat bottles to other companies, filled with a carefully curated selection of wines. This is a solution for those businesses that don't already deal with wines, as liquid for bottling, but prefer to purchase a complete product.

Alternatively, we can supply a turnkey solution of dry goods and bottling to companies wanting to offer their own wines and brands, in a more sustainable way, in our eco, flat bottles. Also, in some cases, we may supply empty bottles only or all the dry goods.

compLEmentary SECONDARY Packaging

Innovating in the primary packaging, our bottle, has enabled us to create game-changing secondary packaging; packs and cases

1 Bottle Postal Pack
Delivery of a single bottle by post

This durable pack is ISTA compliant in accordance with Tier 1 – Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) program certification. It's perfectly designed for ecommerce, providing protection for a single bottle and withstanding the most challenging of deliveries. In the UK, it can be sent by post and delivered through most UK letterboxes and, therefore, it's used daily by our present business customers, mostly in gifting, for our signature Letterbox Wine®.

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10 Bottle Transit Case
World's most compact wine case

With a goal of significant advancement in wine logistics, packaging and sustainability, we've created a game-changing case for multi-bottle transit and delivery; the world's most compact wine case. By packing 8 bottles vertically, like books, and 2 bottles horizontally in the airspace of the 8 vertical bottles, 10 of our full-size, flat bottles fit into a case that would otherwise carry just 4 round, glass bottles of the same volume offering never seen before benefits.

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