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Meet the usual suspects

Business Development Executive
Alastair (Al) Fitzsimons

Having recently returned from a year of travelling, Al has seen first hand the negative impact irresponsible use of packaging can have on our planet. The chance to join a game-changing company tackling this head-on was right for him. With previous business development experience for a rapidly growing start-up, Al has joined Garçon Wines to help the team scale up and expand multinationally.

General Manager
Alisdair (Ali) Easton

Ali's competitive streak developed in high-level cricket gives him the attitude to be a budding entrepreneur. He has worked closely with Santiago from the early days, before there was a bottle or any customers. Together with Santiago and Amelia, he’s building relationships with the future purveyors of our bottles and wines. He also supports Santiago in all areas of the business, including running our production.

Business Development Executive
Amelia (Mel) Brown

Having recently graduated from university with a geography degree, Mel has an acute awareness of the fragile state of our planet making working for an eco-conscious company even more exciting. Utilising her passion for sustainability and a drive to improve people’s lives, Mel's helping the team to continue developing business opportunities where the eco, flat wine bottle will thrive.

Business Development Manager
Amelia Dales

Amelia moved south to London in 2018 to join Garçon Wines. The incredible opportunities for a slimmer, lighter, eco-friendly wine bottle made of 100% recycled material were too good to miss – wine tasting on her first day was an added bonus! She deals with business customers across a number of industries, challenging the status quo of round, glass bottles and encouraging a move to flat.

Marketing Manager
Eleanor (Elly) Brooker

A big fan of Blue Planet, seeing Sir David Attenborough in the flesh at Glastonbury was an exciting moment for Elly who brings her creative flair and enthusiasm to her role in marketing. Having lived in France for a year, she's no stranger to a glass of wine, which combined with her interest in the environment means she's well placed to spread the word across the globe about the most eco-friendly wine bottle ever.

CEO & Co-Founder
Santiago Navarro

Few people blend innovation and wine better than Santiago, a serial entrepreneur with real Mediterranean charm whose experience makes him a perfect steward of Garçon Wines. As a former lead co-founder of Vinopic Wines, Santiago set out to revolutionise the way consumers engage with wines in his first venture. Few understand wine drinkers better and a more suitable custodian of the wine industry’s future, you’ll struggle hard to find.


Meet our advisors

Patent Attorney
Debra Smith

You need expertise to file patents – and that’s where Debra comes in. Her lengthy experience protecting intellectual property (IP) based on unrivalled insight into consumer packaging is a priceless asset for Garçon as it enters and secures IP in the industry.

Research Consultant
Dr Alex DeWitt

Alex is a user experience (UX) consultant with over a decade of practice conducting user research, primarily for digital products. Mixing human-centred qualitative insights with scientific methods and data, Alex has helped numerous companies better engage with their users through research, UX strategy, rapid prototyping and evidence based design. Alex has previously worked on UX for Just Eat, Tesco,, the British Medical Journal and PayPal.

Recycling Advisor
Dr David Greenfield

David is the Managing Director of SOENECS, the independent environmental research and innovation practice he set up in 2014 following 15 years in leadership roles in local and regional government. SOENECS provides strategic advice and support to the public and private sectors and specialises in the creation and support of innovation in circular economy, waste management and resource management. Responsible for External Affairs in Europe for the “Circular Economy Club (CEC)”, David is advising Garçon Wines in their aim to become a circular business.

Strategy Advisor
Niamh McSherry

Niamh has been analysing companies in the consumer space for almost 20 years, at the world's largest investment banks. When she came across our eco, flat wine bottle, she immediately loved it and wanted to help make it a success.

Investor & Board Advisor
Ryan Howsam

Ryan is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor. Founder and chairman of Staysure, the UK’s largest travel insurer, Ryan has an eye for driving business growth having built his own business from the ground up. The company is now on track to be worth around half a billion pounds and continues to expand. Ryan has a strong interest in innovation and spotted an opportunity to support Garçon Wines with his investment and mentorship of Santiago, which has helped catapult their growth over the past two years. In his spare time, apart from a passion for health and fitness, Ryan is a keen golfer and his company Staysure are title sponsors of the European Senior Tour.

Packaging & Materials Advisor
Sarah Greenwood

What Sarah doesn’t know about packaging would fit on, well, a very tiny package indeed. She’s assisting Garçon Wines to develop game-changing bottles that are so aesthetically unique and technically complex, they’re exciting consumers and industry professionals alike.

Board Advisor
Steve Wyatt

With 30+ years in a diversity of senior national, regional and global roles at the processing & packaging giant Tetra Pak, including Managing Director UK & Ireland, Santiago couldn't have hoped for a better close advisor to support him in building our business into a packaging giant of the future.


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