Media Coverage

Media Coverage

What journalists are saying about our flat wine bottles

“…cleverly designed…”
“I love the aesthetics of the bottle, its stackability, its low carbon footprint and its practicality…”
— Andrew Jefford, Decanter
“Why hasn't someone invented this sooner?”
— Jess Edwards, Cosmopolitan
Traction in the media

Media coverage

It’s rare for a start-up to generate such excitement in the media. But Garçon Wines has done just that. With over 750 pieces of coverage and counting, journalists have greeted our innovative bottles with universal praise.

From national newspapers to leading broadcasters, we’re the talk of the town. We’ve made headlines in the Daily Mail, Decanter, Forbes, The Independent, The Telegraph and Huffington Post among many other news outlets, and we’ve hit the airwaves of ITV, Sky News, Channel 5, three BBC radio stations and CNBC as well.

Take a look at the highlights below.

flat wine bottle

We're becoming a familiar face in the living room


Watch the trailer for the TV show that helped bring Garçon Wines to life with the support of Alibaba.


See what presenter Matthew Rhys and wine expert Joe Fattorini have to say about our innovative bottles.


Following our appearence on Pop Up Start Up, CNBC invited us to the studio to explain more.


Hitting the headlines in newspapers and magazines across the world


Flat wine bottles are the talk of the town

“Amazing, no more waiting in for that postman.”
— Scott Mills, BBC Radio 1
“...flat bottles of wine that can be posted through your letterbox... I love it.”
— Chris evans, BBC Radio 2

We've been invited to share our innovation on several podcasts

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See what we've been up to at Garçon Wines


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