Message from Santiago, our CEO, to beware of imitations

Dear UK company executives,

As the co-inventor of flat wine bottles, alongside my co-founder Joe Revell, I’m forced to warn the market to beware of imitations – yes unfortunately most great inventions get copied and these copies are often substandard, or worse, in quality. In my opinion, you should always ensure that any flat wine bottles you plan on purchasing:

1) are made only from recycled PET – recyclable is not enough, nowadays your customers will expect nothing less than using recycled PET to safeguard our fragile planet, check the official specifications of the plastic you’re buying;

2) are made with oxygen scavenger incorporated – PET or similar plastics are perform poorly at keeping out oxygen which will spoil the wine inside, so a barrier technology included, to slow oxygen ingress, is a must;

3) have no seam on the base – bottles with a seam on the base are not stable meaning they’ll likely fall over causing a mess for your customers, choose ones without a seam and a base specially designed for stability to avoid unhappy customers;

4) come with all the required food safety, migration testing, etc. – products made in countries with lax rules can be unsafe so don’t cut corners risking the wellbeing of your customers and brand – ask to see the paperwork;

5) are 'Made in Britain' – the bottles you purchase should be made in the UK by a major producer as this will provide the high quality, guaranteed safety, fast production and low cost that you deserve, and your customers expect.

We’re able to offer you product that meets all of the above - we're ready to offer you the highest quality bottles from this month, February 2018. We're also happy to offer you a best price guarantee.

Having taken many years to bring our invention to market, it’s the least thing I could do to ensure that only the best makes it onto your site or shelves and eventually into wine lovers’ homes. Just drop me an email on santiago@garconwines.comor call on 0330 2234 123 and I’ll personally be happy to help.

Yours faithfully,

Santiago Navarro