I love the aesthetics of the bottle, its stackability, its low carbon footprint and its practicality…
— Andrew Jefford, Decanter
…eco-friendly, flat wine bottles…
— Libby White, Packaging Europe
…revolutionising wine retailing, storage and delivery in the UK and internationally
— Packaging Today
…uniquely functional…
— Mike Pomranz, Food & Wine
…inventor of the 750ml flattened wine bottle…
— Lisa Riley, Harpers Wine and Spirit
Inventor of the environmentally-friendly, innovative 750ml slimline wine bottle…
— Packaging News
An innovation in packaging from early 2017 that warrants a specific mention…
— Euromonitor International

It’s rare for a start-up to generate such excitement in the media. But Garçon Wines has done just that. Journalists have greeted our innovative bottles with universal praise.

They love the way we’re transforming the wine industry. They’re following every step in our journey. From national newspapers to leading broadcasters, we’re the talk of the town.

We’ve made headlines in the Daily Mail, Decanter, Forbes, The Independent, The Telegraph and Huffington Post among many other news outlets, and we’ve hit the airwaves of Sky News, Channel 5, three BBC radio stations and CNBC as well.

It’s not hype: serious journalists recognise that Garçon Wines offers the drinks industry an entirely new way of doing things … and a very exciting future.








CNBC - Squawk Box Europe




Garçon Wines isn’t just being welcomed into homes through the letterbox – we’re also becoming a familiar face in living rooms. Television broadcasters, with an eye for enterprise, like our style and have noticed how pleasing to viewers our innovative bottles are.

They’re giving our novel approach to wine delivery a visibility that many other start-ups can only dream of. They’ve rewarded our commitment and creativity with prizes and plaudits.



Pop Up Start Up.jpg

Success comes naturally to our co-founder Joe Revell. You could say he, well ... revels in it.

The judges of Pop Up Start Up, the reality series with a competitive, international B2B edge created by global wholesale platform Alibaba and US network CNBC, certainly thought so. They were so impressed with our innovative bottle that they awarded us their £20,000 cash prize to help bring Garçon Wines to life.

Check out the trailer to the TV show in the video below.

That’s saying something: the no-nonsense Pop Up Start Up judging panel gathers the best business and retail brains in the UK. They combine tough love with hard experience and don’t impress easily. They make Dragons’ Den look like a picnic in the park.

CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe subsequently welcomed us into their studios to explain how Garçon Wines is infusing an industry some still regard as stuffy with a new entrepreneurial flavour.     




The Wine Show was back on UK screens from January this year with series 2 of this popular wine show having aired on Channel 5. We’re proud to have been featured in episode 5 of this series which broadcast on Friday February 9th.

Check out the video below to see what presenter Matthew Rhys and wine expert Joe Fattorini have to say about our innovative bottles and novel way of wine delivery through the letterbox.



Coming soon.jpg

A global movie and TV streaming service is producing a cutting-edge documentary about entrepreneurs.

They plan to provide valuable insights and tips for new businesses worldwide – and they’ve asked Garçon Wines to help them. We’ll be participating in this new TV show coming to your screens soon.