Why shipping wine to your home through your door makes sense

Consumerism is changing. The overarching trend for 2017 is harnessing the power of the internet to complete as many tasks as possible. For the wine industry, when you combine this with the known merits of direct to consumer sales, the expected growth forecast is massive. So what’s in it for the customer and why would they switch to this method of wine purchase?



Modern Convenience

The clear starting point for this generation is convenience. This is the on-demand, must have generation. Even popping to the corner shop has become an effort and if you were to purchase your wines from a supermarket or off-license, how many people know their Sauvignon from their Merlot? One of the advantages of direct consumer sales is the more intimate relationship with the customer. Being a faceless user in a sea of products, that happen to include wine, means you get very little in the way of actual knowledge, so buying from supermarkets is not the best way forward. Direct to consumer wine vendors have specialist product knowledge and are only too pleased to help their customers choose wine that suits their palate, meal or occasion and they’re bringing the wines to your door via the postal system meaning you don’t need to leave the house to buy wine.

Competitive Pricing

We often think that anything ‘bespoke’ equals big money and shy away from finding out more. However, when you stop to think about it, cutting out the middleman actually means that a more competitive price can be offered to the customer. In 2015 in the United States, direct to consumer wine sales totalled over 5 million cases of wine - and that was a distinct rise on the previous year. The data provided was from a combined study by Wines & Vines and Ship Compliant

The best experience

Garçon Wines offers direct to consumer shipping and take pride in the uniqueness of our product. The wines are selected from the ‘best’ wineries all over the world. We offer full-size wine bottles that fit through the letterbox meaning you don’t even have to be at home to receive your delivery, which makes buying wine a dream - no more carrying heavy bottles home.