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Why eco, flat wine bottles are an obvious choice for events

The events and hospitality industry is a popular setting for beverages sold in PET, and given the social and environmental dangers of beverages sold in glass, it’s easy to see why. However, with an increasing number of UK festivals striving to be more sustainable with the materials they choose, now more than ever has it become a necessity to ensure that the right materials are being used responsibly, taking into account ease of recyclability after use as well as the carbon footprint. When it comes to wine bottles, our easily, widely & fully recyclable flat wine bottle, made of 100% pre-existing plastic – not single-use plastic – is a practical and engaging choice when glass bottles become a safety hazard to punters and wildlife, and allows eco-conscious festivalgoers to enjoy wine sustainably, without compromising on taste or quality.

Back in July, we were thrilled to supply our eco, flat wine bottles at Bristol Pride; their first ever outing in both the on-trade and event settings, and Garçon Wines’ first steps towards circularity. A closed festival environment provided a good opportunity to trial one part of the bottles’ lifecycle through intercepting the bottles after use. By encouraging festivalgoers to return their bottles through a deposit return scheme, Refresh West recovered almost all of the Garçon Wines bottles sold. This means that we now have the bottles in a controlled environment, ready to explore ways in which we can recycle them back into new, eco, flat wine bottles.

Almost all bottles – but what happened to those not collected?

Beautiful and elegant are often words associated with our flat wine bottles. At a recent networking event, we met a Bristol Pride festivalgoer who had found another use for our bottles. Temi shares, “After enjoying the wine at Bristol Pride, we decided to take the bottles home with us to re-use because they were so unique! They were a great talking point at Pride and the fact that they are made from recycled plastic is a major bonus.” A fantastic example of putting existing plastic back to good use through upcycling and brightening the home!

The possibility of using a bottle made of 100% pre-existing PET plastic was also one of the reasons that mobile bar services and events provider, Big Red Bus Bar, chose to use our eco, flat wine bottles. Luke, from Big Red Bus Bar, explains, “As a business, we have been continuously assessing our products and practices over the last year or two to become more eco-friendly wherever possible, and therefore the use of PET bottles was becoming problematic for these ambitions. Discovering Garçon Wines was a revelation, allowing us to move into using just one supplier who could fulfil both our bespoke labelling requirements and our glass-free needs, whilst also being as environmentally responsible as possible!”

Our eco, flat wine bottles are an obvious choice over bottles made of virgin plastic and have a host of other advantages in event settings. Not only are they super convenient and easy for people to carry around, but the change in shape (round to flat!) allows bars to make the most of the often-limited space at events and reduce the number of times needed to restock.

“The bottles tessellate so well into our back bar fridges that we are able to chill 2-3 times as much wine as we were previously,” continues Luke, “plus, transportation and loading of the stock is made significantly easier due to the lighter weight bottles, and the fact you can pack so many into such a small space.”

Short on space, or looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to sourcing your wine? Get in touch to see how our eco, flat wine bottles can make your events for the festive season safer, greener and more practical.

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