Types of wine glasses



Hi wine lovers! We all love enjoying a glass of wine, but there are some things we have to learn in order to get the most out of the flavour and characteristics of the different types of wines we drink. In this blog post we will try to better explain how to choose the perfect glass wine shape for different types of wines.

Parts of a Wine Glass

The first thing we have to know are the different parts that make up a glass wine, and how each of them collaborates to make our wine drinking experience better. A glass wine, from bottom to top, is composed by: the base, the stem, the bowl and the rim.

The Base

The base of a glass of wine is simply there to allow the wine glass to be stable and stand upright.

The stem

The stem enables us to hold the glass of wine. This part is important because by using the stem to hold our glass, we don't heat the wine with the warmth of our hands, neither do we place our fingers on the bowl, avoiding creating smudges which might not allow us to enjoy the visual aspect of our wine.

The Bowl

This is the part that has the most alterations between different types of glasses. The bowl has to be narrower at the top, than the bottom, helping the wine’s aroma to reach our mouth and nose. The bowl is also designed to give the wine an adequate amount of surface area to breathe.

The rim

The rim in an essential part of the glass of wine, that helps making the whole wine-drinking experience complete. The thinner the rim is, the less the glass will distract us from the wine as we drink it.


Pairing Glasses with Wines

Red Wines

Red wines are better served in large wine glasses. They need a larger surface area in order to be able to breathe and come in contact with more air. Red wine glasses have the largest bowls, and this is due to the fact that red wines usually have complex aromas and flavours.

White Wines

White wine glasses have a smaller bowl, as they do not precise as much surface area to breathe. This is due to their softer aroma and flavour, in comparison to the red wines. The glass being more of a U-shape helps the white wines’ aromas to be released, while the temperature can be kept cooler.

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines such as prosecco, cava or champagne; are served in sparkling wine glasses (known as champagne flutes). These glasses are narrower than the majority of other wine glasses. This bowl shape helps maintain the flavour and keeps the carbonation of the wine.

Dessert and Fortified Wines

These wines are sweeter and have a higher alcohol content. These wines are usually served in smaller glasses, to make it easier to serve a smaller serving. They can be usually found in elegant shapes and are narrow to accentuate the sweetness.


Now you can better pair your favourite wines with the proper glasses to get the most out of the wine drinking experience!