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The trouble with wine and ecommerce

The continued growth in ecommerce retail sales is both a challenge and an opportunity for many businesses. Ecommerce is set to account for more than 53% of retail sales by 2028 and within that, the market for groceries is growing rapidly. IGD estimates the UK’s online food and grocery market will grow by 44% between 2019 and 2024 to represent £16.7 billion of sales, while one source anticipates that US grocery ecommerce—specifically online food and beverage sales—will grow 18% to $19.89 billion in 2019 alone. Yet, when it comes to wine ecommerce, sales are relatively small in comparison: online sales account for around only 4% of the total off-trade wine volumes in western Europe. 

We’re in a world of complex customer-centric supply chains, where convenience is key and consumers have new expectations that businesses must meet to remain competitive. 

The way we grow, transport, buy/sell wine has changed drastically over the last two centuries, and yet the 750ml wine bottle has remained the same. There’s no denying that when sending wine, either by the pallet, case or single bottle, round glass bottles are cumbersome and require excessive secondary packaging to ensure safe arrival. 

When it comes to ecommerce success and growth, Amazon is leading the way. Love it or hate it, Amazon has changed the way consumers purchase many products and their expectations around delivery. As they continue to push into the grocery market, wine will play an important role for any new food formats (instore or online). 

We’re pleased to announce that our single unit bottle and postal pack have been certified under Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) scheme - probably the first wine bottle in the world to achieve this. The FFP initiative encourages more sustainable packaging by incentivising companies to think more about the design of their primary and secondary packaging. Secondary packaging must be easy to open and be made of materials that are 100% recyclable whilst also ensuring the goods arrive with the consumer in perfect condition after various drop and pressure tests.

For wine bottles this is revolutionary as it gives online wine sales the chance to compete with other grocery and FMCG products which are hugely outperforming wine ecommerce. Being FFP certified will open up huge new possibilities for companies using our flat wine bottles and single bottle postal pack. 


Are you looking to grow your wine sales through ecommerce or tired of broken glass and spilled wine complaints from your customers? Get in touch today and we can chat about how our FFP wine packaging can best help you. 

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