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The 5 best ways to enjoy a glass of wine

We all love a glass of wine. Who doesn’t? So we’ve decided to bring together the best five ways of enjoying a glass of wine we could think of.

On your own

Late night after work, can you think of a better plan than pouring yourself a glass of wine and taking a relaxing bath? Wine is not only meant to be enjoyed on special occasions, but also on a regular basis, and why not, on your own. Whether you are relaxing watching Netflix, taking some time for yourself, cooking or doing chores, a glass of wine makes everything better.

With your bae

Good food, romantic music, candles, and your loved one. But wait, are we missing something? Whether this is your perfect date night plan; or you are more into some take away food, wearing pyjamas and a movie night, a glass of wine is the perfect match for you and your partner. So let’s make a toast for love, cheers!

With friends

Spending time with friends is one of the best feelings. There are so many plans to do, and wine is the perfect company. Thinking about a night out with your friends, then bring out some wine and let’s start the party. Alternatively, if you prefer a chilled dinner night, wine is exactly what you need to make the food and night taste even better. Are you more into spending time outside? You can take your Garçon Wine bottle with you! It is very light to carry and due to its flat design you can fit it easily into your handbag or bag pack, so there is no excuse to leave it at home.

With family

Family is an absolute essential in life, and so is wine! Homemade food makes you feel at home, and makes any bad day much better, just like wine does. It can’t be a coincidence, so family and wine seem like the perfect mix. Pour some glasses of wine and enjoy with those closest to you. Let’s be honest, a few glasses of wine and you might be able to find out their darkest secrets. Who doesn’t love a little bit of drama?

Through your letterbox!

Whether you are enjoying your wine with your loved ones or on your own, there is something that has to be taken into account. Having to carry the heavy bottles from the store, or the late night trips searching for a bottle of wine are not always the most convenient. Nowadays, with home deliveries this is much easier, but, what can you do if you keep missing your wine delivery or you are almost never at home during the day? This is where we come in and we can give you the perfect solution. Our Garçon Wines flat bottles can fit through your letterbox! So no more missing your delivery or having to carry your wine, you can get home and have it there on your doormat waiting for you to enjoy it. Doesn’t this seem like the perfect option?

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