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Taking the vino al fresco - the simple, safe, stylish & sustainable way to do so this summer

Words by Josephine Mosely, Marketing Executive

When, on occasion, the weather perks up in the UK, breaking bread and enjoying a glass of wine with friends and family, is one of life’s simple pleasures. Even when the great British summertime doesn’t always play ball, there’s always a case for taking some snacks and a bottle of your favourite tipple to a patch of green space, to the seaside or even just into the garden!

Image courtesy of Accolade Wines, @johnnysphotography. Banrock Station flat wine bottles are available UK-wide at Co-op supermarkets. Find your nearest bottle here and here

Save a seat for sustainability 

I reckon not much convincing is needed on the joys of al fresco vino, but perhaps an element that does require more beating of the drum is better consideration of the planetary impact of our consumption choices. When it comes to wine, our sustainable, flat wine bottles are here to help with exactly that. 

Many consumers aren’t aware that the traditional round, glass wine bottle is the single largest contributor to wine’s carbon footprint. What we at Garçon Wines are bringing to the (picnic, pub or garden) table is a better bottle, designed for the 21st century sustainably-minded consumer. Flat in shape and made from 100% recycled PET to save space, weight and energy, enjoy a fun, convenient and stylish bottle whilst playing your part in helping to safeguard our wine industry and planet. 

Shatterproof, lightweight and compact, our flat bottles comes into their own when out and about. Who wants to be carrying around a heavy, smashable glass bottle when a full-sized, easily portable flat bottle exists that fits in your back pocket, can survive a tumble off the table and lightens the load of your backpack on the go. 

Click here to check out our short video reel for a glimpse of the flat bottle in action

Pack it up pack it in - picnic perfect wine 

Picnics create a setting for the perfect balance between tradition and ingenuity if you ask me. The fun of essentially taking the dining table with you outdoors has to be matched with some crafty skill to get it right and have a good time. Sustainable, flat wine bottles are here to lighten the load both literally and metaphorically. 

Thinking outside the bottle, we’ve seen some pretty incredible creativity when it comes to making the most of the product too. The perfect cricket bat anyone? One customer recently tweeted us to say they were reusing an empty used bottle as an ice pack to keep their next picnic cool - how clever! 

BYOB - Better your own barbecue 

Cooking up a storm in the back garden, another of the summer pastime greats, couldn’t be more suited to wine in shatterproof bottles. No one wants to be sweeping up glass off the patio whilst trying to enjoy a meal. Unlike other outdoor-friendly formats, our flat wine bottle innovation still retains the look of a beautiful bottle of wine, through simple cross-section design - proudly place the bottle on your dining table and spark up a conversation! 

For a great barbecue combination, check out Schofield Nero di Troia, a rippling red wine picked by none other than Phillip Schofield himself. It’s the perfect match for barbecued red meats and veggies. Now available on Amazon for next-day delivery, the When in Rome Wine site for seamless delivery through the letterbox, and most recently on delivery sites Ocado and Bother for swiftly adding to your weekly shop.

We do like to be beside the seaside! 

Staycations and day trips will likely be a popular mini break or getaway this summer. There’s nothing quite like the sights, smells and tastes of the seaside. Why not follow up a classic fish and chips with a glass of red, white or rosé poured from a convenient, flat bottle.

Relish, respect and recycle!

Please do always be sure to recycle your flat bottle after enjoying it, they’re collected by 100% of UK kerbside recycling facilities. In these wonderful outdoor spaces it’s so important to leave them as they’re found, or even better! Even thinking about these occasions I get very excited for all the good times ahead backdropped by some brighter weather. Whether we’ll be packing sun cream or an umbrella (or both just in case) enjoy! And be sure to send us a snap of your picnic, BBQ or seaside setup when you do.


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