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How I found myself working at a cleantech packaging company

Supporting the next generation of sustainability leaders is something we hold high in importance at Garçon Wines. In August and September, Geography student George completed a six week internship at the company, working in Sustainability. Here he shares more about his time with us;

George holding 7 bottles
George proving it's possible to easily hold seven bottles of wine between two hands
How I found myself working at a cleantech packaging company; an astute decision

The launch of National Geographic’s strategy to reduce virgin and single-use plastics, ‘Planet or Plastic?’, was my first serious acknowledgement towards the incredibly broad field of Sustainability back in 2018. Since then, I have delved into two years of University, studying Geography with the broad and hazy goal of discovering a career path that my attributes are suited to.

Three years on, and I have just completed a six-week internship with Garçon Wines, a felicitous choice in light of my growing passion for sustainability and now new-fangled fidelity towards the diverse nature of the world of wine.

This prospect proved to be thoroughly invigorating, given the progressive and courageous steps taken by Garçon Wines to become a leading face in the world of cleantech packaging, through the reduction of carbon emissions in the beverage industry. I was swiftly introduced to the three primary pillars of sustainability in my early time with the company, which fortify the multi-faceted ecosystems of the subject, to cover all aspects of cleantech packaging at Garçon Wines.

Assignments and Responsibilities: the Intern experience

I have looked to be an asset in supporting the company's sales, by providing coverage on plastic reuse programmes, while updating and modifying company decks concerning global figures on recyclability. Both of these projects have helped provide documents for our potential customers' consideration, while helping me to understand existing options regarding plastic recovery and give a contemporary insight into CO2 hotspots in wine.

The most stimulating elements of work have concerned research, communications and external ecosystems, in which I have provided visibility on consumer sentiment concerning plastic pollution and an insight on rPET product labelling.

As part of a further goal to augment my presentation and display skills, I provided the team with a concise presentation on wine and climate change; a task that has broadened my aplomb and fortitude in the face of public speaking.

In an effort to help Garçon secure future opportunities,, I took the time to assemble a list of exciting sustainability-related conferences, and commercial leads. I enjoyed communicating with external event leads focusing specifically on finding an event to display our revolutionary sustainable, flat  wine bottle.

On the whole, these project tasks were thought-provoking and captivating, giving me a new lease of life and providing me with character-building challenges; such as understanding the arduous challenge of incorporating compostable and biodegradability into our packaging solutions.

George & the team!
Summarising my time here

Ultimately Garçon Wines underscore the environmental merit that every business should aspire to hold central to their sustainability values, proving to be a company with a genuine emotional attachment towards large-scale issues facing the industry and the planet. One such example is the fluctuations in grape-growing regions, and resultant wildfires and cold snaps, which in turn, has unnerved the life-cycle of wine.

This was an experience that I enjoyed thoroughly, and one that I would advocate to any student or inquisitive individual, who wishes to gain further awareness and enthusiasm regarding advancements in the cleantech packaging industry.

I would like to thank each and every member of the Garçon Wines team for their omnipresent efforts to support me. This is a team of diverse and well-driven members, each of whom show a genuine prerequisite towards reducing the carbon footprint of wine, which is observable through the proficient, fully fledged and transparent manner in which they communicate with customers, consumers and fellow team members.

Thanks so much to George for his hard work and enthusiasm throughout his internship, and we wish him all the best for his final year at University! If you too are a student that's passionate about sustainability and looking to complete an internship with an exciting start-up doing great things in the wine and packaging industries, please do reach out to us on

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