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We’ve had an amazing start to our business venture. It all began when Joe Revell and Santiago Navarro came up with the brilliant idea of posting bottles of wine through letterboxes. The wine bottle we use is flat, but you can recognise the distinctive Bordeaux and Burgundy bottle shapes. Our innovative efforts have been rewarded on the world’s start-up scene. We won first prize in the CNBC Pop Up Start Up TV show and received a cash prize of £20,000, which was very welcome for our start-up company.

Our first event of 2017 was The Big Picture’s live-streamed Spark Session on Digital Disruption. What is digital disruption? You might well ask! You’ll get an answer if you follow this link. Digital disruption occurs when digital technologies impact the way business is done. For example, traditionally, wine companies and others sell their products to retail outlets, rather than directly to the consumer. When companies begin to sell direct to the customer and cut out the middlemen, this causes disruption to the supply chain. Customers and businesses interact directly via the internet. This means that both customer and company are in a win-win situation financially. This event was live-streamed to viewers in London, New York and Los Angeles. Find out more by following this link.

Santiago was also invited to speak at the Retail & Brands Festival held in September in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He rose to the occasion and stimulated interest in our company and our innovative product. The more publicity our company receives, the better, we believe. The amount of interest generated at events of this kind is incredible.

Garçon Wines managed to get onto the shortlist of Virgin StartUp Foodpreneur 2017, another prestigious contest with stiff competition. This time we didn’t win, but there is always next year! However, we had an opportunity to showcase our bottles and network with stockists and some of the most influential people in the food & drinks industry.

Another high spot for us, possibly even our highlight, was when we won the ‘Best New Beverage Concept’ award at the 2017 World Beverage Innovation Awards. These awards have been running for 15 years and attract entries from all over the world, with international companies taking part. The competition is organised by FoodBev Media. Winning such a prestigious competition was extremely encouraging for us.

You’re probably fed up of us trumpeting our successes by now. However, we must share the news that we were invited to Gateway‘17, organised by Joe, our co-founder, spoke about our company and its vision, to the movers and shakers of the world of commerce. It was a great opportunity to network and meet key players in the US business world. Middle-class Chinese are beginning to consume more wine and we want to get into this very lucrative market. Being invited to this event made us feel that we’ve arrived on the wine scene in a big way.

We wish we had a crystal ball to find out what the future holds for us! Stay with us on our journey to find out.

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