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Four English wineries you could support that are doing amazing things for the environment

Have you heard of The Big English Wine Good Friday? Led by Jacob Leadley of Black Chalk, the initiative is encouraging people to purchase and enjoy a bottle of English wine this Friday 12th April at 7pm via social media using the hashtag #theBIGenglishwinegoodfriday.

It’s an incredible idea, not only because it provides industry support but it’s also a way we can be making positive changes for the sake of our planet. As well as supporting the local community and the wider English wine industry, purchasing wine from local producers means wine travels less distance which helps reduce carbon footprint. Seeing as one of our main goals is to enable a healthier planet, wealthier industry and happier consumers, we thought we’d share a few English wineries that are going the extra mile to produce wine in a thoughtful and environmentally sustainable way so that you can support your local producers and make eco-friendly choices this Friday and beyond - a win-win for the environment and the industry!  


Bothy Vineyard, Oxfordshire


Bothy Vineyard in Oxfordshire produce high quality wines with environmental awareness at the forefront of their activities. Establishing biodiversity and wildlife-friendly land, composting 95% of winery waste on site and using solely electricity from renewable sources, some of which is generated on site are just a handful of examples of their sustainable practices. You can check out all 18 of their environmentally-friendly steps on their web page.

Terlingham Vineyard, Kent


Terlingham Vineyard in Hawkinge, Kent is a small, boutique vineyard run by hand by a family of five who are all about being as low-impact, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible in their production of 2000-4000 bottles of wine per year. Terlingham, which looks out over the English Channel, use no artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides in their farming and as a result, each harvest produces exciting and award-winning wines each year with a unique story.

Ryedale Vineyards, Yorkshire


Ryedale Vineyards is another family run business and is currently the most northerly commercial vineyard in Britain sitting at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds. It boasts 10 acres of vines, three of which are wholly organic and all of which are cultivated to be as wildlife friendly as possible. The grapes for Ryedale’s red, white, rosé and sparkling wines are all pruned and harvested by hand.

Stopham Vineyard, West Sussex


Stopham Vineyard in West Sussex demonstrates their sustainable values and thoughtful considerations for the planet in both production and land use in the South Downs National Park to conserve the natural ecosystem. Not only have they optimised their production for free-draining soil, local river quality and limited their water usage to the minimum, but they have also planted 400 metres of natural English hedgerow and are installing owl boxes. Plus, Stopham recycle all their organic waste (grape skins, stems and vine prunings) on site.


These examples are just a taster of the amazing work being done by English producers to support our planet and this Friday presents a great opportunity for us to show our appreciation for all those who are striving for much-needed environmental sustainability. Which bottle are you going to buy and enjoy to take part in the virtual fun?  Check out WineGB's handy tool to find wineries near you.


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Last updated: 08/04/2020

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