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At Garçon Wines we take pleasure in delivering a message in a bottle. And it can be summed up in four words: cost-savings + convenience + eco-friendly + elegance.

A majestic homage to the classic Bordeaux bottle shape familiar to wine lovers everywhere, our flat wine bottles are both stylish and sturdy. Their slender form stands proudly and slightly taller than conventional glass bottles, adding a note of distinction to your dinner table and a topic for discussion.


But don’t be fooled by their delicate demeanour: Garçon wine bottles are durable and dependable. They’re designed to endure the jolting and jarring of the bumpiest delivery service and won’t break in transit. Our flat wine bottles always reach you in the finest condition, even when they’re delivered through the letterbox.

And if that doesn’t uncork your bottled-up emotions, then the great wines that our bottles bring into your home certainly will. In fact, our flat wine bottles are tasteful in every sense.



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Designing a revolutionary new bottle is thirsty work. At Garçon Wines we’ve spared no effort to bring you a superior product. We set our hearts on developing a style fit for the 21st century that also invokes the centuries-old history of winemaking.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the materials we use in our bottles are the most safe & sound and environmentally friendly available. We’ve taken every care to ensure our customers drink to the health of our planet: Garçon flat wine bottles are made of 100% recycled PET and are 100% recyclable afterwards to safeguard our environment.


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Flat Bordeaux WINE bottle 

Our flat Bordeaux wine bottle bears a heavy weight of responsibility on its characteristic shoulders. That’s because the original Bordeaux bottle, around since the 19th century, quickly became the most used wine bottle in the world. Given such a pedigree, the Garçon Wines version of this design classic simply exudes class.




It’s a real mouthful, but polyethylene terephthalate is just another way of referring to the glass-like plastic that’s used in many drinks bottles. Known as “PET”, this shatterproof material has been used to bottle wine for years.

As standard, we use 100% post-consumer recycled PET to ensure our bottles are as environmentally sustainable as possible. Our bottles are blown, in the UK, from plastic already in circulation, removing plastic from our environment and adding no new plastic to the world. Also known as PCR (post-consumer recycled) PET, it retains all of the polyester’s strength, clarity and mechanical properties – but allows Garçon Wines to use the right plastics much more sustainably and efficiently.

Big drinks brands like Coca-Cola have a 2020 goal of using 50% recycled PET with the virgin PET in their bottles, in order to hit sustainability targets, but we’re far more ambitious. We raise the bar by using 100% recycled PET from the outset.

The recycled PET we use is 100% safe for holding food and drinks, has no impact on taste, and is tough enough to withstand the knocks that would easily crack a glass bottle. Our bottles are offered in a natural olive-green, amber or light pink colour as standard, and other colours are available on request.

Our bottles have the advantage of being light, making them ideal for deliveries. At 63 grams, they're 87% lighter than an average glass bottle of the same volume. This lightweight, sustainable material keeps down the cost of shipping for suppliers and postage for consumers. In addition, the novel, flat design makes our bottles 40% spatially smaller than a round, glass bottle of the same volume.

A lighter, more spatially efficient bottle is much better for the environment because transporting it generates lower carbon dioxide emissions. Add to this the fact that it’s made of 100% recycled material and it’s 100% recyclable afterwards, and you’ve got a bottle that’s genuinely gentle on our planet - so much so, we believe it's the greenest wine bottle ever.


We also include a special “oxygen scavenger” featuring both active scavenging and passive barrier technology to give our bottles a much longer shelf life than other innovative wine packaging solutions. When you drink wine from a Garçon bottle, you can do so confident that we’ve provided excellent protection for the great wine inside.




The 10 Flat Bottle Case holds 10 full-size, flat wine bottles in a compact case which would otherwise carry approximately just four regular, round, glass bottles of the same 75cl volume.

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With a goal of significant advancement in wine logistics, packaging and sustainability, Garçon Wines have rearranged their flat bottles into a game-changing novel orientation; eight flat bottles packed vertically with two lying horizontally in the airspace around the bottlenecks, eliminating almost all unused airspace. This has been achievable as the Garçon Wines slimline bottle was specially designed so eight bottles in total width are the same length as one bottle tall and the width & depth of a single bottle is the same as the area around the bottleneck.

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Compared to an average case for 6 round, glass bottles – the standard secondary packaging used to transport wine – Garçon Wines’ new 10 Flat Bottle Case is approximately 55% spatially smaller. This space saving per case means that a pallet loaded with 10 Flat Bottle Cases could carry 1,040 bottles of wine in comparison with a standard pallet with 6 round, glass bottles cases which would carry just 456 bottles of wine. Fitting 2.28 times more wine on a pallet translates to lower costs in: a) packaging; b) warehouse handling & storage; and c) transport.




At Garçon Wines we take our responsibilities seriously. Some plastic bottles have made the headlines for all the wrong reasons as careless producers and consumers pay little heed to their duty to recycle. We’re very different: every single Garçon bottle comes from 100% recycled PET and is 100% recyclable afterwards; this is why we use a plastic screw cap.

Just as the makers of glass bottles learned that resources are finite and glass can be reused – keeping down costs and saving valuable materials – so we aim to ensure that the material in our bottles is used over and over again. We take a sober view of waste. It makes sense to do so environmentally and commercially; businesses that don’t soon wither on the vine.




Employing material that was recycled and is recyclable after isn’t the only way that we’re helping the environment. Garçon bottles offer a radical way to reduce the carbon footprint created by the transportation of wine. We’re driving beneficial change in the wine industry supply chain.

By supplying bottles that are far lighter than their glass equivalents, 87% lighter to be exact, we allow wine producers, shipping and delivery companies, retailers and consumers to cut the level of carbon emissions they generate as wine moves from winery to home – and to save money in the process.

Indeed, it’s been estimated that reducing the weight of the near 2 billion bottles of wine consumed in the UK alone each year, by as much as is practically possible, could save 90,000 tons of CO2.

Moreover, these savings can be magnified by the novel, efficient shape of our bottles, which allow much more wine to be stored and shipped in the same space than before. In fact, our bottles are 40% spatially smaller than a round, glass wine bottle.




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It goes without saying that innovative companies need to safeguard their ideas in order to protect consumers against poor imitations. At Garçon Wines we understand the value of originality more than most, and so we’ve taken responsible steps to protect our greatest assets – our invention, innovation and creativity.

We’ve sought and been granted intellectual property protection for an extensive portfolio of registered designs, or design patents, for flat bottles, including the bottles shown on this website, in 35 of the world’s main wine consuming countries, including the UK.




If you work in the wine, drinks or packaging industries anywhere in the world and you’d like to collaborate with us, please get in touch today – we’re just an email or phone call away. We’ll be happy to hear from you – when you see our bottles you’ll love them!

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