How do you serve wine through a letterbox?

It’s easy – we'll be doing it every day.

You may have heard about us through the grapevine. We’re revolutionising wine delivery and improving the retailing & logistics of, and engagement with, wine.

At Garçon Wines we’ve reinvented one of the oldest artefacts in history – the bottle – enabling great wines to be delivered not just to your front door, but through the letterbox in it.

Our sleek, slimline, letterbox wine bottle designs mean wine lovers will never again have to worry about being home for a delivery. Who else can serve up such a delicious innovation?


Garçon letterbox wine bottles are things of beauty, fit to grace any dinner table. Environmentally friendly, due to them being made of 100% recycled plastic, and designed by experts, they pay homage to traditional wine bottle aesthetics.

They’re also the toast of our industry. The world’s top wineries, wholesalers and wine clubs love us so much that they’ve got four-square behind our rapidly expanding business.

We’re hoping to become for drinks packaging what Tetra Pak is for dairy – and in the process, we’re leaving competitors at the bar. Their glass is half empty, ours is very much full.

We supply a growing list of gifting companies, drinks stockists and wine brands, producers, wholesalers and clubs. Our multi-packs are a big hit with retailers, duty-free shops and wineries.



Bottles copy.jpg

Garçon’s innovative bottles blend tradition and modernity, conforming to the classic Bordeaux and Burgundy bottle shapes in which most wines are still sold.

Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic and recyclable after use, they’re tough enough to withstand the rigours of the postal system yet light enough to keep down delivery costs. Their flattened design means they fit easily through the letterbox – a hassle-free way to receive wine.

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Prepare to raise your glass. Your bottle’s in the post. Cheers
— Joe Revell

When wine lover Joe Revell joined an online wine club with his friends, they soon became frustrated because they missed deliveries that turned up when they were out at work. 

Noticing how his neighbour’s Graze snack boxes slid effortlessly through the letterbox, Joe had a revelation: why don’t we do the same with wine?

Joe teamed up with wine retailing entrepreneur Santiago Navarro, who has excellent knowledge of the wine industry, and they set about researching ... wine packaging and UK letterboxes.

Indeed, if there are two people more familiar with front doors than your typical postman, they’re Joe and Santiago. As determined entrepreneurs, they resolved to ensure that when you return from a hard day’s work there’s wine waiting on the doormat.


It takes a lot of bottle to launch a start-up, and the pair served up their invention and inspirational concept to the CNBC network TV series Pop Up Start Up. It paid off: they won the show and a £20,000 cash prize.

They worked closely with e-commerce giant Alibaba to create prototypes of their unique bottles – and brought the idea to life. After several years of fermentation, Garçon Wines was finally bornwith bottle supply from the UK. The wine industry has never been the same since.

Joe and Santiago originally planned to create a British wine club, but global interest in their bottles forced them to think big. Garçon has now protected its intellectual property in the UK and a further 34 countries for a large portfolio of designs of the world’s first full-size postable wine bottles, and is extending its packaging and wholesale business internationally.

It’s breaking new ground by supplying multi-packs for shops that are easier for retailers to store and for consumers to carry home.




Santiago Navarro - CEO

Few people blend innovation and wine better than Santiago, a serial entrepreneur with real Mediterranean charm whose experience makes him a perfect steward of Garçon Wines. Santiago graduated from Amsterdam Business School and, as a former founder of Vinopic Wines, set out to revolutionise the way consumers engage with wines. Few understand wine drinkers better and a more suitable custodian of the wine industry’s future, you’ll struggle hard to find.

Joe Revell

You won’t win a music quiz against Joe, but you’re welcome to try. After graduating in environment and business at the University of Leeds, he cut his teeth in the music industry. Van Morrison, Tom Jones, Robert Plant, Ronnie Wood ... you name them, he promoted them at Live Nation, sharpening his instinct for knowing what it takes to make a hit. That’s why he’s turned down the amp on his musical career to ensure Garçon Wines is top of the pops.




Alberto Pinna - Sales & Marketing

As CEO, Santiago realised he’d need the best professional help to develop and market their evolving brand – and turned to Alberto, who brings to the business a keen understanding of growth marketing and a cultural passion for great wines. 


Alisdair Easton - Business Development

More fondly known as Ali, his competitive streak developed in high-level cricket gives him the attitude to be a budding sales star. Together with Santiago, he’s building relationships with the future purveyors of our bottles and wines. He’s also a keen drinker and understands millennial wine lovers well.


Paula Safont Soto - Business Support

Recently graduated in International Management, Paula decided she could be the office superhero the company needed. Her passion for keeping everything organised and structured, and her will to work hard helps her support the members of the team across all aspects of the business.




Garçon Wines is growing fast and we’re on the lookout for bright sparks to join our team. If you’ve got the bottle, help us to uncork further success by getting in touch.

Send your CV and a compelling cover letter to




Sarah Greenwood

Packaging Specialist

What Sarah doesn't know about packaging would fit on, well, a very tiny package indeed. She’s assisting Garçon develop game-changing bottles that are so aesthetically unique and technically complex, they’re exciting consumers and industry professionals alike. 


Barry Dick  

Master of Wine

Barry’s a wine superhero – literally. He combines the most prestigious title in the world of wine with 15 years of experience in wine making, buying & retailing and an MBA in marketing. He’s helping Garçon ensure they fill their bottles with the best wines. 


Debra Smith

Patent Attorney

You need expertise to file patents – and that’s where Debra comes in. Her lengthy experience protecting intellectual property (IP) based on unrivalled insight into consumer packaging is a priceless asset for Garçon as it enters and secures IP in the industry.