Garçon Wines is introducing a new flavour of enterprise to the world of wine – and some of the most influential trade, brand, retail and e-commerce events have invited us to the party.

Our bottles and the competitive edge they offer the drinks industry are the talk of the town. That’s why we’re being asked to attend a growing number of high-profile, professional events to share our vision.




In the beverage industry, bright ideas rise to the surface like bubbles – which explains why Garçon Wines is making this sector fizz with excitement the world over.

Quite simply, we’re overflowing with success – and that’s recently been recognised at one of the most prestigious events in the business, the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2017, where we walked away with the coveted ‘Best New Beverage Concept’ award.

Organised by FoodBev Media, the influential awards have been running for 15 years and are recognised as the gold standard for innovative ideas in our sector – and as a real hallmark of success. The judges considered 227 entries from more than 33 countries in 25 categories.

At Garçon Wines we can’t resist a challenge, so we entered a category that would be the toughest to win – and found ourselves competing, and winning, against such giants as Diageo, Krones and RC Cola International.

That’s why victory tastes so good. Indeed, it tastes as good as the wine we put in our bottles.



Gateway 17.JPG

You know you’ve arrived if you’re invited to Gateway ’17.

When we were asked to attend, we immediately knew why: Garçon Wines exemplifies the innovative new enterprise that is reinvigorating traditional industries and expanding rapidly into new markets.

This debut networking bazaar of Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba, brought together aspiring start-ups such as Garçon and 3,000 retailers, manufacturers and service providers in Detroit with one goal in mind: tapping the growth opportunities of China’s vast consumer market.

Our co-founder Joe Revell spoke alongside household names such as business celebrity Martha Stewart, TV anchor Charlie Rose and Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma.

Backed by global brands at the cutting-edge of logistics and e-commerce such as UPS, Shopify, NAB, Visa, ChannelAdvisor and CNBC, the Gateway ’17 extravaganza was considered a major success. It enabled us to rub shoulders with key players in our industry such as the Robert Mondavi Winery, which uses Alibaba’s TMall to sell wines in China.

It was, quite simply, a gateway to our new future.




Great wine is best enjoyed in great company – and Garçon Wines is gaining a regular place at the top table of the UK’s entrepreneurial food and drinks industry.

We excelled among hundreds of Britain’s brightest and best food and drinks businesses to win a coveted spot on the shortlist of the Virgin StartUp Foodpreneur 2017 competition.

Organised by Virgin and shopping centre giant intu – whose stores lure 400 million unique visits each year – the prestigious event gives start-ups like Garçon a unique platform to showcase their products and reach major stockists.

Our achievement enabled our co-founder Santiago Navarro to whet the appetite of some of the UK food industry’s most influential people by serving up Garçon Wines’ full-bodied message of enterprise with flavour.



New Foreign Trade Festival.jpg

China is a market we at Garçon Wines take very seriously indeed; the Chinese middle-class numbers 300 million consumers – and they have a growing thirst for wine.

So, when our co-founder Joe Revell was invited to give a keynote speech at the 2017 China New Foreign Trade Festival in Shenzhen, we knew that we’d struck gold.

Joe told Garçon’s story to an audience of 3,000 people that included government officials, investors and experts. He described how winning the reality show Pop Up Start Up was a turning point in our evolution and how Alibaba played a key role in helping us to source Chinese manufacturers for our unique bottles.

Joe’s speech was broadcast live across China on the video-hosting site Youku – which can boast 800 million daily video views – and he was interviewed for one of the largest online shows in the country. 



Retail & Brands Festival.jpg

Inspiration comes in many forms – and in our case, it comes in a bottle.

Indeed, we’re being recognised throughout Europe as visionaries. That’s because we’ve taken a simple item, the wine bottle, overlooked for so long and transformed it into something radically new that everyone wants.

Organisers of the prominent Retail & Brands Festival have taken note. They brought together some of the most exciting thinkers, strategists and innovators of our era to collaborate in Utrecht and invited our co-founder Santiago Navarro to speak to them.

He was in great company, joining a stellar cast of the most creative minds in the market who lead the field in a host of areas – from cloud-based point of sale solutions, to innovative food supply, to the omni-channel customer journey.




Sunny Barcelona was the location for the DoorDrop Media Congress, a gathering of leading experts from a wide range of industries who share a common passion for communications and products that can be dropped through a door. 

So, our letterbox friendly wine bottles presented the ideal innovation for this event and this is why our co-founder Joe Revell was invited to share his experiences and knowledge with the attendees. It’s not very often that a product that’s so well recognised and established, as the wine bottle, is subject to such simple innovation with such remarkable results. 

Joe shared his journey from problem through to idea and on to the creation of a start-up which has received global recognition. Being passionate about door-drops, the attendees were a highly relevant and engaged audience and the reaction Joe got after his talk continues to attest the love for our innovative postable wine bottles. 



Spark Session.jpg

Bright sparks generate a lot of energy that can shed light on entirely new ways of doing business. Enlightened start-ups like Garçon Wines are disrupting established industries by allowing suppliers to connect with customers like never before. That’s why brands are thirsty for new knowledge about how to lead the direct-to-consumer (DTC) revolution.

We were invited to share our game-changing insights with The Big Picture’s live-streamed Spark Session on Digital Disruption. The global insight agency understands better than most how innovators like us put consumers at the heart of design. We joined like-minded disruptors Birchbox in a live session streamed through London, New York and Los Angeles.

Dare to be different ... and create lifetime value, our co-founder Santiago Navarro told the Spark Session audience. Few people know more about the state of play in entrepreneurial wine retailing and the industry supply chain.