The wine bottle hasn't changed in two centuries and is no longer fit for purpose.

Here’s how we're bringing the wine bottle into the 21st century world of complex supply chains, online sales and climate change

Bordeaux shoulders on a flat wine bottle
Modern and Traditional

Bordeaux inspired

Strong shoulders respect the heritage and tradition of the wine industry by conforming to the Bordeaux shape that consumers know and love; the bottles look beautiful and could be proudly placed on any dining table.


40% spatially more efficient

Challenging the base assumption that wine bottles should be round has allowed us to create a bottle that is 40% spatially more efficient, offering many space-saving benefits. Considerably more bottles fit on a pallet which increases the efficiency of wine transportation to cut costs and carbon emissions.

Flat bottles are stackable, also saving space in consumers' homes and places where space is at a premium.

HOW is flat more sustainable?
Bordeaux shoulders on a flat wine bottle


Lightweight, at 63g, the bottles weigh 87% less than their glass equivalents, saving 500g of CO2 per bottle across the supply chain, and saving money in the process. We're reducing the carbon footprint of the wine industry allowing our customers drink to the health of our planet.


Our flat wine bottles are made of pre-existing plastic

Using 100% post-consumer recycled PET ensures no new plastic is created and creates a value for plastic already in circulation, mitigating against it from ending up in the environment.  rPET is the food-safe plastic commonly used in drinks bottles, which has no impact on taste, is durable and feels like quality, eliminating breakage and spilled wine.

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100% Recyclable

Designed for full and easy recycling

A product is much easier to recycle if all its components are made from the same material, which is why we use plastic labels and screw caps. No complications associated with the collar from a standard aluminium screw cap which makes it harder to sort and recycle.

HOW WE're Tackling plastic pollution

Full-Size Wine Bottle

Full-size wine bottle. Contains 75cl, the standard volume of in a round glass, wine bottle to ensure that consumers enjoy the same amount wine.

Barrier Technology

12-18 Months Shelf Life

Special “oxygen scavenger” featuring both active scavenging and passive barrier technology to give our bottles a much longer shelf life than other innovative wine packaging solutions. When you drink wine from a Garçon bottle, you can do so confident that we’ve provided excellent protection for the great wine inside.


Choices for different wines

Available in olive green, pale pink and amber, colours which consumers know and love to enhance their elegance and provide different uses for businesses.

Other colours are available on request.

Use Cases

Available with or without wine

We offer our own bottles filled with a carefully selected variety of delicious wines for everyday drinking. Or we can supply empty bottles to companies wanting to use their own great wines to reach a broader customer base than ever before in a more sustainable way.

compLEmentary Packaging

Innovating in the primary packaging has allowed us to create game-changing secondary packaging

Letterbox Deliveries
Single Unit Postal Pack

Used for our signature Letterbox Wine®, this Amazon certified frustration-free outer postal pack is perfectly designed for e-commerce, providing protection for single wine bottles through the postal system.

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Multi-bottle Deliveries
10 Flat Bottle Transit Case

With a goal of significant advancement in wine logistics, packaging and sustainability, Garçon Wines have created a game-changing case for multi-bottle transit and delivery.

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