Christmas Corporate Gifting

These incredibly quirky bottles went down a storm over Christmas

Our wine bottles are the ideal gift for every occasion

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Corporate gifting doesn't have to be boring

  • Thank customers or clients by using wine with a difference.
  • Choosing to gift our eco-friendly bottle can help support sustainability goals and CSR objectives.
  • Lightweight and durable material means lower delivery costs and no risk of broken glass.
  • Customise or personalise labels to create a gift uniquely tailored to clients.

Some of our happy customers

“...the ‘go-to gift’ for many of our customers.”
— Dean Spencer, Director, Inspiring WINES
“...letterbox wines have proved very popular amongst our customers and have given us a point of difference amongst our competitors.”
“These incredibly quirky bottles went down a storm over Christmas.”
- Derrick Hoyle, Buying Director, SoleTrader
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