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Introducing wine packaging for a 21st century, sustainable world

At Garçon Wines we're bringing about the most significant advancement in wine packaging in the last two centuries to prioritise sustainability. With simple, yet effective, changes to the shape and material of the wine bottles and rethinking the norms of secondary packaging, we’re revolutionising wine delivery and improving the retailing, logistics and eco-friendliness of wine.

Where we've been

The origins of Garçon Wines

Developed to facilitate the hassle-free delivery of wine into the home via the letterbox, our innovation was conceived by co-founder Joe Revell who teamed up with wine retailing entrepreneur Santiago Navarro to improve consumer convenience and help to reduce the 900,000kgs of carbon emissions associated with missed deliveries in the UK.

Santiago’s eureka moment of flattening a wine bottle not only created a product that respects the heritage and tradition of wine industry but also unites the emotional benefits of an elegant glass bottle with the functional and sustainable benefits of bag in box.

Where we're going

Welcome to the future of wine bottles

When our bottles garnered much global interest in the media and from prestigious award wins, we soon realised that our initial plan of delivering wine into consumers’ homes as part of a wine subscription service was just the tip of the iceberg. With such potential and global interest, Garçon has now protected its intellectual property in the UK and a further 34 countries for an extensive portfolio of flat drinks bottle designs.

While we’re well-known for supplying Letterbox Wine® to gifting companies we're extending our drinks packaging and wine wholesale business internationally, offering both wine in our bottles and sustainable wine packaging fit for the 21st century world of e-commerce, complex logistics and climate change.  

The TEam

Meet the Garçon Wines Team

The Garçon Wines team brings together sustainability stars from a diverse range of backgrounds, united by their love of wine and importantly, determination to improve the wine industry and planet.

Meet the team

We’re Hiring!

Garçon Wines is growing fast and we’re on the lookout for bright sparks to join our team. If you’ve got the bottle, help us to uncork further success by getting in touch, or view our current vacancies. Send your CV and a compelling cover letter to careers@garconwines.com

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IP Protected

Garçon Wines have granted IP protection in 35 countries for an extensive portfolio of flat bottles. We understand the value of originality and have taken responsible steps to safeguard our invention, innovation and creativity, in turn protecting consumers and businesses against poor imitations.


Intellectual Property Notice

The designs of the bottles featured on this website are the property and exclusive right of Delivering Happiness Limited (registered in England and Wales with company no. 10490062 and trading as Garçon Wines) that has granted Registered Design protection for the bottles in the UK and internationally. For further information, please contact us at legal@garconwines.com detailing the nature of your request.